Who are we?

3D Printing Prototypes is the specialist when it comes to large scale FDM 3D printing. With over 5 years of experience and over 85.000 hours of 3D printing objects for national and international clients, we offer a highly professional, reliable and loyal 3D print service. From smaller to extremely large parts, we can do the job for you. We can print up to 2 meters tall.

3D print service

We strongly believe that large scale 3D printing should be available for everyone and we do understand that not every company is willing to invest in a large format 3D printer. 3D printing can be complicated, it is not as easy as printing paper. We, as 3D print specialist, would like to unburden you and take care of the 3D printing process.

FDM 3D printing

We are specialised in large scale FDM 3D printing and only offer this print technology. With FDM 3D printing, small layers of plastic are printed on each other resulting in a 3D printed object.

This technology is the cheapest way of 3D printing, but is very accurate, detailed and professional. In fact, FDM 3D printing has become the most popular way for 3D printing prototypes, moulds, marketing displays and more.

Most companies design an object and print it before the actual object is produced, but with 3D printing it is very cost effective to 3D print a sample multiple times before the prototype is approved. Prototypes or other objects can be produced within days which makes outsourcing unnecessary.

Sustainability - as green as we can be

Sustainability is key in 3D printing and very important to us. Our 3D printers run as much as possible on solar energy. Our solar panels are able to generate up to 2500 kw per year, which is enough to run our biggest 3D printers for 8 months. To keep the energy rate as low as possible, the 3D printers automatically turn off when a print has finished and the lights of the printer are switch off when nobody is at the office. Support plastic is being recycled, same for the empty filament spools.

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Are you interested in our professional large scale 3D print service? Ask for a quote and upload your STL and choose the preferred quality and material. You will receive a quotation within 24 hours. Would you like to know more about our 3D print service? Please contact us on info@3dprintingprototypes.nl

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