XXL 3D printed camera for marketing purpose

We have 3D printed this XXL camera. The camera is 1100 mm long and 650 mm high and was printed in multiple pieces. It was printed in pieces to make the printing process as efficient as possible. This means less support material, so less plastic waste. After glueing the parts, the camera was fully sanded and painted. The camera will be placed on top of a van and will be used for marketing purposes at trade shows and other events.

Full size 3D printed T-rex

Dutch museum Naturalis has asked us to support them with 3D printing a full size T-rex. Naturalis is experienced with large scale 3D printing, but for a second 3D printed copy of their original T-rex they were in need of some extra 3D print capacity. We had 4 large scale machines printing dinosaur bones for 2 months. We printed the hip bones, ribes and parts of the spine. The T-rex has been post processed to make it look like the original skeleton, which is on display at Naturalis. The printed copy is now on display at a museum in Brussels.

Bringing statues to life with 3D printing

In collaboration with German based visual artiest Francois David Krygier we have 3D printed a serie of statues. Mr. Krygier is specialised in 3D scanning people in an artistic way. We printed a serie of 3 statues, 2 females and 1 male. The 3D scans are highly detailed so the statues have been 3D printed in the highest possible resolution. The statues have been post processed to create a glossy finish with a marble look. The statues will be exhibited in Berlin from 14 November to 21 January 2021.

3D printed Triceratops skull

Science Centru TU Delft owns a skull of a Triceratops. This skull, number 21, was owned by the university of Yale, USA and has been restored several times. During the transportation from the USA to the Netherlands the skull was severely damaged. Now, with the current technology such as 3D scanning, 3D modelling and large scale 3D printing, the skull has been restored once and for all. All the grey parts have been 3D printed by us and show how modern technology is used to bring history back to life. https://www.tudelft.nl/sciencecentre/

Large whale tails 3D printed

We have been asked to 3D print 5 large whale tails to raise awareness for the growing plastic soup in the oceans. The tails are almost 1 meter wide and are printed in PLA without support material. After 3D printing, the tails have been painted to make it look like an actual whale tail and have been placed on a white display with plastic waste around it. The 3D printed tails were placed in big cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven.

Display material for Lindt Chocolates

The well known chocolate brand Lindt has asked us to 3D print serie of Empire State Buildings. Lindt was looking for a large scale 3D print service, who was able to print large 3D parts in high quality so no post processing was needed. We printed a serie of Empire State tops of 40 cm tall. These parts have been sprayed in gold and are placed in different Lindt stores such as JFK airport and were part of a shop display to promote the latest Lindt products. https://www.lindtusa.com

3D printed dinosaur bones

3D printed dinosaur bones In collaboration with Naturalis, we have been 3D printing life size dinosaur bones to restore a 66 million year old skeleton. The dinosaur, a Triceratops, was found in Wyoming, USA, but soon after digging up the dinosaur, it was clear that a large part of the original bones were not found or just to fragile to display. By 3D scanning bones of other original dinosaurs bones, the skeleton of Triceratops Dirk could be fully restored. With the help of our large scale 3D print service, Naturalis was able to restore the skeleton with 3D printed parts, such as the ribs, shield and a hip bone. The dinosaur is now on display and the 3D printed bones can easily be recognised from the original bones, as the 3D printed bones are made in a slightly lighter colour. www.naturalis.nl